Round metal packaging boxes and metal candle tins in a home.



    Whether you’re crafting your own candles or dealing in wholesale candles, we offer packaging solutions tailored to your requirements. Opt for our range of tinplate cans that lend a sophisticated, luxurious look to any candle product. Alternatively, browse through our assortment of tins with windows, designed to display the candle within and add an attractive feature. Our tins with welded side seams exude a rustic charm and come with a side seam that effectively prevents leaks.

    We offer candle tins in a variety of colours including red, black, gold, and silver. Discover the ideal style and size for any candle you manufacture or carry in your inventory. While these tins are perfect for candles, they also serve as an elegant packaging option for confectionery, herbs, spices, and a myriad of other food items.