New Year Packaging Facts Every Business Owner Needs

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A new year means new challenges for your business, but it also leaves a road filled with opportunities. 

Opportunities for growth, improvements and innovation. Of course, to do this, you need to be aware of the trends that are shaping key processes in your business. Let’s dive in and explore the facts that should shape your business packaging decisions in 2024. 

Customers Love Packaging!

The most popular unboxing video on YouTube for 2023 garnered more than 89 million views. Over the past decade, unboxing videos have increased in popularity and become a marketing event unto themselves. Indeed, a well presented unboxing can lead to high levels of engagement and viral marketing success. But it’s not just about the product contained inside in the packaging. Customers are interested in everything from the material to the unique features of the box used. 

Customer Satisfaction Doesn’t Guarantee Loyalty 

Delivering a standard quality of service is unlikely to lead to guaranteed loyalty from customers. If you want people to keep buying from your business, then you need to give them something more. This is why you should explore innovative packaging choices that are designed to stand out on the rest of the market. 

Indeed, business packaging choices are so important that in one survey 52% of customers switched brands purely because they loved a new packaging choice. 

Marketing Teams Are Making Unique Packaging A Top Priority

Bespoke cardboard packaging choices

In a recent marketing survey, experts unsurprisingly admitted to prioritising creative packaging choices when planning their marketing campaigns for the year ahead. Everything from colour to texture and materials can change how customers view your product and determine whether they commit to a purchase. 

Customers Will Go Green - For The Right Price!

Customers are keen to reduce their carbon footprint and will support companies they view as being eco-friendly. However, they will only continue to do this if green choices don’t affect their personal financial situation or the costs for their business. Consumers and B2B companies are increasingly wary of any business that is pushing additional costs down the line. 

The Most Popular Eco-Friendly Packaging In Europe Is Compostable 

Across Europe, customers are committed to using packaging that gives back to the earth. The right compostable packaging can enrich the surrounding soil when it is disposed of, helping the environment thrive. Surveys also reveal customers feel more positive about themselves when they commit to eco-conscious decision making. 

However, it is important to ensure that your marketing strategy for green packaging is clear and consistent. Customers are often left confused about terms including biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. 

Consumers Are Ready To Start Returning Your Packaging

Returnable packaging is one of the most significant trends for businesses today. Beauty companies in particular are already encouraging their clients to send back packaging they are finished with so the containers can be disposed of correctly. That’s why it might be worth switching to aluminium packaging products or tinplate packaging which can be used countless times. 

Use these facts and you’ll be able to plan a packaging strategy that appeals to your customer base and helps your brand thrive in 2024. 

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