Custom luxury cardboard packaging on a red background

Cardboard Packaging

Premium Designed Cardboard Packaging for Luxury Clientele

Captivating Eco-Friendly Packaging

Take a step towards a greener tomorrow.

Brown sustainable cardboard packaging resting on soil.


Fully recyclable and a green choice for the planet.


Explore countless possibilities and create the ultimate packaging for your customers.

Safe, Clean and Non-toxic

Safe for food, confectionery and countless other products.

Consumer Preference

Choose the packaging material customers adore.

A green forest with tall trees.

Protect World Forests

Our packaging is created with sustainable mixed sources. 30% is from managed woods or reclaimed materials and 70% from recycled material, making our products 100% forest-friendly.

Creative & Captivating Cardboard Packaging

Eager to begin? Explore some of the most popular choices and innovative design features guaranteed to help you achieve market goals.

Telescopic tube for tea bags.

Telescopic Cardboard Tube

Protect and preserve your packaging with these robust tubes.

Three-piece shoulder cardboard box for individual items.

Three Piece / Shoulder Cardboard Box

Choose practical packaging perfect for a luxury product that will dazzle your target audience.

One piece cardboard tube with a metal plug lid.

One Piece Cardboard Tube & Metal Plug Lid

A winning combination: packaging with the unyielding qualities of cardboard and the strength of metal.

Cosmetic cardboard packaging with punch inserts.

Cardboard Box with Punch Inserts

Elevate the consume experience with this sensory packaging solution.

Buttjoint tube for candles with a rolled edge in a cream colour.

Rolled Edge Butt-Jointed Tubes

Ensure packaging for your product remains durable & beautiful, preserving any product.

Fence divider cardboard box with a gold and orange design.

Fence / Divider Inserts

Keep individual products safe and guarantee they are beautifully presented when unboxed.

Designers working on new projects with colour choices.

Assistance With Every Packaging Choice

Our team delivers a comprehensive solution. From the initial concept to the final delivery, experts of the industry are available to assist you.

We have experience providing customers who are completing their first packaging product or their 100th.

Trust in our exceptional packaging design services.

Begin Your Packaging Journey

At Tinware Direct, creating the perfect bespoke cardboard packaging for your product is a stress-free, straight forward process.

Provide us with the key details about your project and we'll bring it to fruition.

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