Metal packaging on a red background. Metal packaging on a red background.


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Custom metal tin packaging on a yellow background.


Surpass key market competitors with engaging designs.


Design the perfect packaging to match any product or brand.


Enhance your product with exciting new features and engaging extras.


Robust, your packaged products will remain protect during and after delivery.

Bespoke tin packaging with a yellow background including biscuit tins, confectionery tins, and clip lid tins.

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Reinvent your brand with ready-to-fill packaging and an expert label printing solution for unique presentation possibilities.

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Sustainable and luxurious: cardboard packaging is ideal for eco-conscious clients.

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Discover a creative, flexible new packaging choice for your products.

Free Reproduction

Are you interested in a brand redesign or packaging for your first product? Bespoke packaging services are often expensive but we deliver an efficient solution for every client. Our comprehensive service includes a the use of a large tool collection as well as free reproduction for new products.

Sustainable and cost effective, we are confident our service will match all your requirements and surpass any predetermined expectations.

Cosmetic tin packaging on a blue background circling a white label with the Tinware Direct logo.

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