Lee Filters

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Lee Filters packaging.

Founded in 1967, Lee Filters was an original part of the group which transformed into Lee International. Now owned by Panavision, the company is the leader in the manufacturing of architectural, lighting and camera filters on a global scale. They produce precision solutions for everyone from photographers to architects and cinematographers. 

The Mission

Lee Filters informed us that they typically used cardboard packaging for their products. However, they needed an alternative with protective qualities for their glass filter range. They used customer research to determine that their packaging also needed to be more durable while matching the specific sizes of their filters. 

Our Solution

After completing their research, the team at Lee Filters decided that tin packaging was the best material for their unique products. As well as providing the right level of durability, it was also more cost effective compared to other alternatives including hardened plastic. We also designed a foam insert that was used to protect the product inside and ensure it remained secure during transportation. 

Response From Lee Filters:

"Close collaboration is a key element for any procurement team –Tinware Direct were able to meet this requirement and also offered us the perfect packaging solution for our product at a price within our budget. They just ticked all the right boxes .”

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