Top Food Brands Launch New Sustainable Packaging

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Pringles crisps

Sustainable packaging has become a key consideration for businesses when preparing marketing strategies for new and old products. As such, it should come as no surprise that major brands are changing their packaging to be more eco-conscious in 2024.


Pringles recently announced that they have launched new recyclable tubes for their products. Currently exclusively available in British supermarket Tesco, the packaging is expected to appear in other stores later throughout the year. The packaging features a paper-base which replaces the original metal design. The original packaging led to the brand being called out as one of worst food manufacturers for recyclability in 2017. The new tubes required an £86M investment in new tech by the brand.

The company reports that it expects to sell 48M tubes from Tesco this year. As well as being more sustainable, the packaging keeps crips fresh and protects them from breaking.


Flora is another food supplier taking steps to be more sustainable in 2024. The business has launched a new form of paper-packaging for their plant-based produce which is believed to be a world-first. The zero-plastic containers are oil-proof, water-proof and easy to recycle. Flora’s parent company Upfield views the containers as a step towards replacing as many as two billion plastic containers by 2030. According to the business this will help reduce plastic waste by more than 25,000 tonnes.

Upfield is also aiming for the packaging to be home-compostable by 2025. According to the business, the change required four years of development.

Our Perspective

Sustainability should be at the top of your wish list when choosing or designing packaging for your products in 2024.

This is important whether you are exploring a redesign for an existing product or if you are preparing to launch a brand new product on the market.

Businesses keen to explore more sustainable packaging choices have several possibilities. Kraft paper stand up pouch packaging is compostable and will benefit the surrounding soil when it decomposes. The flexible packaging is perfect for letterbox deliveries and can be used to package countless products including powders, sweets, biscuits, and even clothing.

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