10 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Packaging

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10 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Packaging - Tinware Direct

Aluminium jars, pots, containers, tubes and bottles are all seamless making them suitable for wet products such as candle wax, beard balms, moisturisers, shaving foams, soaps and all oil and water-based products.


We have come up with 10 reasons why aluminium is a popular packaging choice for many:


  1. Aluminium packaging gives you a great opportunity to move away from plastic. Aluminium is both 100% recyclable and reusable, and is the most recycled packaging in Europe*.
  2. Unlike other packaging, aluminium and other metal products can be recycled forever without degrading. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of metal products every produced in the world is still available for use*.
  3. Aluminium is lighter in weight than plastic or glass, not only does this make transportation easier but it also saves you money on shipping, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
  4. Aluminium packaging gives you a blank canvas. Whether you are looking for an all over print, a label or you might opt for just an embossed logo on the lid, branding your aluminium packaging can all be achieved easily, offering your packaging a unique bespoke finish.
  5. The lining in the lid of an aluminium jar has a low moisture transition rate and protects the product inside from reactive elements in the air, helping to reduce perishability, keeping your product fresher for longer.
  6. Aluminium is unbreakable.
  7. It’s a great protective shell for your product with its hard exterior.
  8. Products in metal packaging are seen as higher quality and luxurious making it more appealing to consumers.
  9. Aluminium is a metal that cannot rust as there is no iron content, making it suitable for water-based products and the go to packaging for the cosmetic industry.
  10. It is also inexpensive, especially when compared to other packaging options of its kind.

Tinware Direct offers a wide variety of aluminium packaging.

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