Vegan Wax Co.

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Vegan Wax Co.

The Mission

Vegan Wax Co was originally set up in 2019. Since then the company has grown tremendously and they produce massage wax made with no animal products that is entirely vegan. Susie, the founder of the business, is a qualified clinical massage therapist and strives to use a solid product compared with a traditional oil. Products are sold online as well as various events across the country. 

The company received a large number of requests for a massage wax that contained no beeswax. To do this, they needed to source the right packaging solution. 


Vegan Wax Co. aluminium packaging once filled.

Vegan Wax Co. tin packaging being filled.

Our Solution

After an extensive search Vegan Wax C. chose to use our aluminium tins to package the new product. The company selected this type of metal packaging because it is reusable and can consistently be recycled. They are also highly durable for mailing and don't buckle when filled with hot oil. The business received numerous compliments from customers after they began using the tins.

Response From Vegan Wax Co. :

"We needed a range of sizes including small tins suitable for sending out samples and you were able to provide these. One of the great things about Tinware Direct is the fantastic customer service, it is really great and the service is quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend Tinware Direct to anyone looking for tins."

Vegan Wax Co. packaging at point of sale.

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