Proper Goose

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Proper Goose

Proper Goose specialise in creating bespoke gifts and cards that are personal to each client. They are eager to keep the process of giving and receiving cards alive. Their talent team use innovative equipment and sheer imagination to create individualised treasures. 

The Mission

To create a range of unique, luxury metal boxes that were perfect for every occasion. 

Our Solution

We created a plain, white, rectanguar tin that could hold everything from stationery to illustrations. We designed the tin plain so that Proper Goose could easily customise each tin with unique designs with their own printing system. This allowed them to create the perfect tin for every customer. 

Response From Proper Goose:

"Tinware Direct have supplied us with exactly what we were looking for – a quality product at a competitive price. Their customer service is second to none and they are a pleasure to do business with!.

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