Dean's of Huntley

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Dean's of Huntley

Dean's takes pride in using quality handcrafted baking to create one of the best Scottish shortbread products available to purchase today. A family run business, Dean's sells their products to an international audience.

The Mission

To create a range a unique, appealing, attractive style of packaging for their All Butter Shortbread. The target audience was tourist markets and gift purchasers. As such, the packaging needed to appeal to the widest possible audience while standing out in a competitive industry. 

Our Solution

We used tin to create a beautiful packaging design for Dean's product. Tin is highly versatile which means that it can be crafted into countless different shapes while retaining its structure and strength. Consumers also associate tin packaging with luxury which made it a fantastic choice for Deans. 

Our expert design team worked with Dean's to produce three unique tins in shapes including:

  • A drum
  • Classic cast iron cooker
  • Shortbread finger

Through innovative techniques and embossing the products could immediately be associated and connected to the shortbread brand.

Dean’s Response:

"Tinware Direct have firmly established themselves as our No.1 tin supplier due to their excellent service levels and competitive pricing.”

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